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Kulturkollo möter Melina Marchetta


Melina Marchetta har skrivit åtta böcker, översatts till ett tjugotal språk och tilldelats ett flertal prestigefyllda litteraturpriser. Hennes stora internationella genombrott var ungdomsromanen Jellicoe Road och till svenska har också Francesca översatts. Melina Marchetta bor i Sydney, Australien och är sverigeaktuell med fantasyromanen Ett folk utan land.

Are your books only for teenagers? Do you write your books with a specific reader in mind?

I tend not to think of audience when I’m writing.  With most of my novels I write about young people but the adults play a very important part in their journey so usually there is insight into the adult relationships as well as the teen ones.  I would say I have a general audience; a lovely mix from older teens and much older readers.  It’s always felt a privilege to be able to capture such a broad spectrum.

In Sweden we have read the two very successful novels: Saving Francesca and Jellicoe Road which are both fairly realistic stories about girls coming of age.  Now there is Finnikin of the Rock – a fantasy novel. How come you turned into writing fantasy?